Although the holidays tempt us curvy girls to be extra naughty about our health, there are 4 awesome ways to prevent weight gain over the holidays. I plan to party my way into 2018 without an extra ten pounds sticking to my already curvaceous and beautiful ass. These are realistic tips from a curvy girl who continues her path of living a healthy lifestyle.

Prevent Weight Gain By Restricting Rich Holiday Foods to Holiday Events

Prevent weight gain by restricting holiday foods to holiday events. Realistically, we can’t expect any women or man not to indulge during the Christmas Season. If you are hosting your family for Christmas, or attending an office party, or attending a family oriented Christmas event, its realistic that you would want some of Aunt Bea’s sweet potato pie, or a piece of Granny’s famous chocolate cake. If you are a curvy girl who believes that every time she eats sweets or indulges, you are living an unhealthy lifestyle, don’t fret, because portion size and frequency of food intake does matter. Don’t indulge throughout the month of December and you will be fine. I have continued taking my lunch to work, or eating a salad for lunch, and ensuring that I eat a light dinner. But don’t get it twisted, at our office Christmas party, I will get a slice of sweetness, and other high calorie rich foods, but I have also mapped out what days I will definitely be eating naughty and ensure my portion sizes are controlled. If you are not attending a holiday event, you should maintain your healthy living that agrees with your lifestyle. Now if you are the truest of the Christmas party girl and bounces from one holiday party to the next, you may be working extra harder to get those pounds off in January and February. We still love yah though!

Restrict Alcohol Consumption to Holiday Events

Prevent weight gain by decreasing alcohol consumption. I love wine and champagne! Even when the Holidays are long gone, I cherish the taste and the ultimate buzz I get after a hard days work. However, certain alcoholic beverages can prevent curvy girls from meeting their personal goals. During the holidays, I have decided to only consume alcohol only when attending holiday events with friends and family. So my alcohol consumption has dramatically decreased, and I have observed a significant decrease in the size of my stomach. Sometimes it’s just the small things that can help you live the life you want. In between holiday events, load up on water by keeping a water bottle companion at your side throughout the day. Staying hydrating often curves the appetite and the desire to drink alcoholic beverages high in caloric content. But let me be honest, this is so difficult if you really enjoy your one glass of wine at the end of the night. Us curvy girls will be just fine though.

Stay Physically Active Throughout the Holidays

Prevent weight gain by staying physically active during the holidays. Continue participating in your favorite dance aerobics or your regular fitness routine. The month of December often puts us in a special mood, a mood of happiness and well-being. Sometimes we are distracted by visiting relatives and participating in holiday activities, which decreases the amount of your physical activity. Instead of allowing cousin Susan to distract you from attending your dance aerobics class, ask if she would like to accompany you to the gym. Having someone to join in your fun activity will not only ensure that you maintain physical activity during the holidays, but you spend quality time with your favorite cousin in the process.

Drop the Fast food for the Holidays

4 awesome ways to prevent weight gain during the holidaysI know that I’ve spoken a lot about making healthy decisions when visiting fast food restaurants, but during the holidays, it’s just too much damn temptation. The holidays will increase your intake of foods high in calories, so driving up to a burger joint, when you have allowed yourself to splurge, will have detrimental consequences; I know from personal experience. After allowing yourself a small piece of glorious Christmas pie, and then driving up to a fast food restaurant with those glossy posters of  steroid burgers, it will be exceedingly difficult to allow the words salad and bottled water come out of your mouth when ordering. The holidays often make us lose focus, which makes it easier for us to stray from our personal goals.

On a Personal Note:

4 awesome ways to prevent weight gain during the holidaysJust enjoy the holidays with friends and family. Let these tips be in the back of your mind while you celebrate relationships and family blessings. Us curvy girls can be healthy, but we should also live life to the fullest.


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