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About The Curvy GalI'm a blogging fanatic who enjoys telling all of my business online. Initially, it started out as a therapeutic outlet from my stressful career and personal life. Now, it has become a journal and source of information for curvy girls like myself. I know that I will never be a size 2, nor do I ever want to be that small, but I do value being healthy and mentally at peace with myself.

Curvy women with families understand that we often ignore our own needs in order to  ensure that our families are taken care of and are happy. But what about us as individual people with fluctuations of self-esteem? After being blessed with children, we are also blessed with hips and ass and breasts that sometimes makes us feel a certain negativity toward our own image. No matter what size you are, you are beautiful curvy girl. But are you healthy? Are you happy? Is there something about you that you want to change? For me, I've taken up Zumba to battle hypertension, stress, and a flabby gut from the second baby. Although the pounds are coming off, I still have struggles...daily struggles. I am a real woman, with real responsibilities. I used to believe that after kids and marriage, my wants and needs disappear, and I live for my family. But what I've learned is the fact that I am still a singular human being who has to meet my own human needs.

About The Curvy GalThis blog is a support to all the normal women who maybe want to lose a few pounds, increase their self-esteem, and see themselves as the curvy queens that we are already. Or you may just want to read my daily struggles in eating healthy and making choices that benefits my personal goals. I fall off the wagon sometimes guys! I'm not perfect! But I will put in the work to be healthy.

Please remember that this is also a humor blog, so there will be inappropriate shit addressed...that is a promise.

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