Women lead multifaceted lives that sometimes shatters our self-esteem and self-image. We are professional women, stay at home moms, wives, etc. These roles alone can take a significant toll on our ability to maintain the status quo in every area of our lives; especially in the health and fitness department.

Reinvigorate Your Self-Esteem

Aerobics classes that focus on dance fitness are probably the most exciting classes offered at your local gym or private fitness club. Participants start to feel sexy, vibrant, and confidant. Class participants stop caring about how they look to others.  My own journey started with participating in Zumba classes. The first time you walk into a dance fitness class, it’s intimidating, and you wonder how you look while maneuvering your body in new and sexy ways.

My Dance Therapy

What have I gained from a dance fitness class? Shaking my hips and getting lost in the music has become my therapeutic outlet. I’ve spoken to some of the class participants who feel that Zumba is just to burn calories, while others use it as their therapeutic session for the day. My confidence is boosted when I walk onto the gym floor and I’m feeling that I am the most beautiful woman on the floor, and I can out dance anyone (even if that’s not the case).

Where Makeup to Your Classes

Dance fitness is different from just going on a run or working with a trainer, as dance allows diverse appearances, and attitudes. Some days, I make sure I wear loud red lipstick to class. The nature of the movements and the atmosphere allows you to diversify your look depending on how you’re feeling that day. Some days, there are participants that come to class in full makeup with dynamic shirts and even jewelry. It’s all acceptable because you can put your real personality on display. Being the real you boosts your self-esteem; mine has grown exponentially.


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