Heavy Eating During the Work Week

Heavy Eating During The Work Week: A Remedy for Professional Curvy GirlsMost professional curvy girls agree that we eat the worst during the work week because we are focused on our careers and balancing our families. Prior to changing my eating habits, I would eat all kinds of horrible shit during the week because of my stressful and fast paced profession. There would be several empty bags from fast food places scattered on the floor of my car from heavy eating. Let us be real with ourselves, eating unhealthy is easy and convenient…but eating healthy can also be easy and convenient if we stick to this awesome remedy for us professional curvy women.

I know the gurus tell us curvy girls that we should prepare our lunch at home the night before our work day starts, eat three times a day, with healthy snacks in between to prevent heavy eating during the work week. I have no problem with this idea, it sounds fantastic; but, I’m not very organized to keep up with this schedule long term, so I decided to make my eating habits better and realistic according to my own lifestyle.

A Remedy for Eating Heavy During the Work Week

Purchase groceries for breakfast and lunch just for the office. If your office has a refrigerator in the break room, buy a week’s worth of minor groceries to mitigate eating heavy fast food for convenience.  Instead of taking your breakfast and lunch to the office daily, your meals will be conveniently waiting for you because you brought them at the beginning of the week. Also purchase plastic utensils, plates, and bowls to store in a draw at your desk. This is far from an original idea. I have worked with enough health nuts who were always walking around the office with their hot oatmeal in the mornings, healthy cereal, or snack bar. It just took me awhile to catch on.

I tried this idea today for the first time just for breakfast, and I’m convinced that this will be my normal routine starting immediately. I was running late for work today but was hungry as hell, so I grabbed my Special K cereal, a gallon of 2% milk, a bowl, and a plastic spoon, and threw it all in a used grocery bag. It was so convenient to eat my healthy breakfast in the office instead of stopping at a fast food restaurant on the way.For all who want to try this method, please don’t go overboard.  Just get small items such as cereal, milk, oatmeal, sandwich items, salad, and a few bottles of water. The people at my job would be pissed the hell off if I stocked the refrigerator with all my shit with no room for their petty little lunch bags.



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