Is your self-esteem on the crappy side because of general life circumstances? Don’t stress, we all feel like some things in our lives could be better. Sometimes it seems that we are always working towards self-improvement to achieve higher self-esteem. Here are helpful hints to improve your self-esteem in the New Year.

  1. Know your purpose to Build Self-esteem

Take a seat and meditate in silence about your life moving forward.  You must determine what type of self-growth you are aiming to achieve. Do you want to go back to school? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to become an expert in a particular area of your life? To know your purpose is the beginning and can also be the hardest part of the self-improvement process.

  1. Know your values

You must know what you value in life to achieve self-growth. I’m currently addicted to dance aerobics because I value my physical health. I also value my mental health as well, which has helped me to stop worrying about life circumstances that are out of my hands. By allowing myself to let go of stress, I have gained immeasurable peace and harmony in certain areas of my life.

  1. Know your needs

If you are a person who wears multiple hats, it may be time for you to drop some responsibilities that will not have a significant impact on your daily routine. As a working mother, I used to take my work home and even work later than needed. A good friend in my field told me, “…the work will still be there when you return the next day.” It took a lot to just stand up from my desk and leave on time. At first, it was a struggle to leave my unfinished work; but, once I started getting in the hang of setting boundaries in my life, I established more control. My philosophy has changed to work to live, not live to work.

  1. Know your passions

If you don’t engage in activities that make you happy, you will never attain self-growth or enlightenment. You must ensure that your many responsibilities doesn’t prevent you from engaging in activities that brings true joy to your life; failing to do so will cause a void in your life that will ultimately hinder self-growth and self-improvement.

  1. Live from the inside out

Increase your awareness of your inner wisdom by regularly reflecting in silence. In our technological society, we are always engaged because of the social media revolution. Think about disconnecting from social life and sit in silence to reflect. I understand about having a home with children and a spouse; sometimes there seems to be no time to disconnect and dwell the thoughts of your own mind. Next time it’s time for you to bathe, light some candles and lock the bathroom door. Lingering in a hot, warm bath will allow you the time to reflect. Some people also engage in Yoga and other calming activities that allows them to slow down and focus on their self-growth.

Improving our self-esteem is an ongoing movement in our lives because we are human. We will always desire better self-image, self-growth, and higher self-esteem. I hope that I have helped you start your own personal journey of self-growth and improvement.

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