Sorry for being so melodramatic, but society really hates us beautiful curvy girls who are trying to be healthy and enhance our fabulousness.

Society Hates Curvy Girls: Fast Food is Tempting As hellAs I have explained before, this curvy girl drive hundreds of miles for my profession a month. Sometimes, I have no choice but to stop at fast food restaurants due to the long hours on the road, and no time to prepare a convenient lunch in the morning. The trick is, getting past the huge advertisements of juicy ass burgers that are the epitome of juicy perfection. Just the image of the burgers makes your mouth water in ecstasy.

As I have done many times, I’ve had to tell myself out loud, “self, I will kick your beautiful voluptuous ass if you order that delicious looking ass hamburger.” I was proud that I chose the Spicy Caesar Salad at Wendy’s today. The half portion is only 419 calories, and that’s not too bad since I had Zumba class later that same night. But look at this scrumptious shit! How can any sane person deny themselves without being extremely bitter.


Why Do I Think Society Hates Curvy Girls?

Society Hates Curvy Girls: Fast Food is Tempting As HellIn America, the companies target people who think bigger is better. It seems that businesses are selling bigger burgers to get us all hooked on their unhealthy deliciousness. Americans don’t need more food, we need smaller portions. Every where I look there are advertisements screaming at curvy girls to buy bigger and better meals at lower prices;but in the long term, the price is our health. The first time I ordered a small order of curly fries from Jack in the Box, I thought I was gonna be sick and hungry forever. Turns out, I was forcing myself to eat the large order. A small portion and a bottle of water will do the trick for sure.

I started substituting certain foods and drinks very slowly into my diet. Instead of getting a soda at a fast food joint, I will order a bottled water and a cup of ice. It’s unrealistic to think that you can avoid fast food as a professional curvy woman, but the choices you make while confronted with the devil, that are the huge hamburgers is what matters. Eating salads for lunch during the week is totally fine. I find that I feel lighter and more energetic if I eat healthier smaller portions and a bunch of water.

Remember, you are in control of your destiny. You are in control of your life. We are curvy girls with a plan to be and stay healthy.

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