My fellow curvy queens, don’t make my mistakes, please wear appropriate sports bras to the gym. I learned the hard way, which caused me to leave class prematurely and totally embarrassed. My flimsy boob restraint totally collapsed during Zumba.

I recently found a sports bra that I used to wear before giving birth to two children. I tried my luck and decided to try on the sports because I’ve been feeling myself about losing weight. Utterly surprised, the sports bra fit and covered “the girls” quite nicely. I was like “awww shyt, I’m fine as hell.” Well, unfortunately, I was so overwhelmed by my excitement, I didn’t think about the actual supportive capacity of the sports bra. My boobage is quite heavy and my body has changed a lot since giving birth.

The Sports Bra Collapse Heard Around The World

I went to my Zumba class feeling like a million bucks and ready to do some classic azz shaking. Unfortunately, there were a few minor jumps in the routine, which caused my sports bra to rise up a little. I was a little concerned at that time, but I pulled it down and continued dancing. There was another routine that required more jumping, and that’s when my old sports bra said “not today bytch.”

There I was, in the middle of Zumba class, when two extra participants decided to make an appearance. “The Girls” were on full display in Zumba class. The old sports bra got its revenge for years of abandonment and decided that I would pay for my neglectful behavior. My shirt didn’t offer any kind of coverage because it was an old flimsy little thing that also wanted its revenge for years of being stuffed in my closet.

If you are a heavy set girl, meaning “the girls” are a significant presence in your life, make sure you purchase high quality support. Your other workout clothes can be old and crappy, but sports bras have to provide the necessary support that will prevent you from unexpectantly bringing two new plump guests to your class.

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