If you are like me, you went smooth off and ate like an animal over the holidays. I stayed active, but I still ate my fair share of pies and heavy dishes. So, what will I do to lose the extra pounds gained after the holidays? Check out my top 5 Methods of losing weight after the holidays.

  1. Detox

To shyt or not to shyt is the question? It is acceptable to detox to begin losing extra pounds after the holidays! There are some who are against just getting all, and I mean all, of the shyt out of your system. Just remember, detoxing should be done over the weekend and not while working. The last time I detoxed during the work week, I was running to the bathroom every ten minutes just to take a shyt.

  1. Drink A Lot of Water

Water is definitely the key to minimizing hunger and staying hydrated throughout the day. I’ve decided to drink as much water as possible at work and at home. Let’s keep the soda intake to the bare minimum. We also have to check our alcohol intake, because I won’t lie, champagne bubbling on my tongue is an absolute favorite.

  1. Staying Active is the Key to Losing Weight

I will be participating in my Zumba class for one hour at least 3 days a week after the New Year. Get back into the gym and stay active. I have missed maybe one week of dance aerobics and I know for sure that I will be struggling tomorrow when I return. No matter what type of exercise you choose, stay active to lose those holiday pounds.

  1. Don’t Stress

Don’t stress out about gaining extra pounds over the Holiday, doesn’t mean that you have failed your goal of a healthier lifestyle. Let’s be real right now! Although we made vows not to eat too much and get out of our healthy routine, we already knew deep down that there is no other time like Christmas and New Years to be with family. When we visit with family, we want to eat, drink, and be merry. Unfortunately, when we are too damn merry, we stop losing weight. Our decision to let loose is not a failure, it is human nature. I can still fit into my jeans, and my shirts are still a good fit. After you have your New Years food and alcohol, continue your routine and everything will be just fine. Stress often causes emotional eating, which ultimately causes us to gain the pounds. Take care of your emotional self and don’t give in to the stress of losing or maintaining weight.

  1. Go Shopping

Maybe this is a sub-category of don’t stress, and has nothing to do with losing weight, but remind yourself how beautiful you are and splurge with your bank account. After Christmas feasting, I found the nearest clothing store and bought an outfit and new shoes. Okay, I also bought new makeup and accessories. I squeezed my account to the limit, and when I left the store, I sighed with relief. It felt good to splurge without taking in calories. Of course I had to hide the bags from my hubby, who doesn’t understand how shopping is a pleasurable feeling that can ease any type of stress imaginable.


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