The Curvy Girls

This may be a sticky topic for some folks, but it’s rude as hell to show up at the gym while sick. You can’t enjoy yourself when the row over there is someone wearing a surgical mask. Hunty, I just wanted to know why she was getting her dance on while wearing a surgical mask. If I’m that sick I’m staying my azz at the house. It’s okay to miss a few days to get healthy with your nasty azz. Don’t work out while sick my curvy girls!

Wearing a Surgical Mask at the Gym

Spreading Germs at The Gym

Please understand that I am sympathetic to people who are are genuinely sick. A few weeks back, I suddenly came down with strep throat and was looking at the surgical face mask lady like a damn fool when I returned to the gym.She’s probably the one who had me at urgent care wearing a damn mask because of the contagion I caught from her. We already know that the gym is infested with all kinds of microbes from people sweating and shyt, but what we don’t need is people knowingly spreading their germs without consequence.

Stay Your Azz At Home

I have never understood the need for a face mask in public because it’s obvious that you are too sick to be in public, right? Anyway, for those who just can’t help going to the grocery store and handling your personal business, I understand; however, participating in aerobics at the gym is entirely optional if you are indeed sick with a contagion. I wish I could get a picture of this lady who wears her surgical mask to the gym for every Zumba class. Hunty, maybe you getting sicker by being around all these sweating azz germy people. Stay your azz at home and get well before coming to the gym.

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