Strip Tease At Zumba

What other fitness class are you able to dress like a stripper and its totally okay? Check out what I wore this week to Zumba and why it was a total strip tease?

It’s Zumba bytch!

I stepped totally outside my comfort zone and bared my thunder thighs and hips in the same tights that the skinny girls do.  I felt so sexy and all curvy girls should feel the same. Don’t be afraid to show your sexiness, and who gives a fck about what others think.

Zumba Strip Tease

Zumba Strip Tease Motivation

Let’s get one thing straight about Zumba, no one knows what the fck they’re doing at first, and we all struggle to keep up with the semi-healthy instructor. But after a few classes, you start feeling confidence in yourself with the swaying of your hips and the popping of your torso.

Sometimes regular fitness wear doesn’t give you the sexy vibe that Zumba provides, so I decided to wear something that fits the Zumba genre. It took a little courage, but Zumba has increased my confidence and I wanted to demonstrate just that at my Tuesday night class. Fck anyone who has a problem with curvy girls getting their sexy back.

Look at those thighs my fellow curvy girls! Thunder thighs on fleek!

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