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I love Zumba, but the expensive fitness apparel will not render me a broke sistah. I’m a heavy sweater, so why would I spend hundreds of dollars for the Zumba brand, when I’m gonna be funky and wet by the end of class.

curvy girl zumba pantsDo you know how much Zumba fitness apparel costs on the internet?

If you visit the Zumba website, you’ll find that the prices for shirts range from $30-$50, and the tights range from $37 to $50. And let’s just be honest, there are just too many damn colors on most of their clothes. I refuse to dance while looking like a confused lollipop.Frugal women, such as myself, can easily mosey on down to the local Walmart and get a $6 shirt with matching tights for $10. I don’t mind getting clothes funky for $16.

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Who are these women loading up on super expensive Zumba fitness apparel just to get funky and sweaty? I understand that Zumba makes you feel sexy and you want to appear as such, but you can also be sweaty and sexy in tights you’ve comfortably worn for years. When I first started Zumba, I found some old maternity tights to shake my azz in without spending a dime. I threw on an old t-shirt and some weathered tennis shoes, and I was ready to shake some azz.

You can even make your own Zumba fitness apparel. Recently, I’ve been looking at YouTube tutorials on DIY Zumba inspired clothing. Without getting permission from my husband, I cut up some of his shirts into tank tops, shredded and tied the backs of the shirts for a snug fit. I thought I was cute, my hubby was speechless that I cut up some of his work shirts, but oh well, I still didn’t pay any money.

If you have a stingy hubby who doesn’t want his clothes destroyed so you can look cute at Zumba, you can always find old shirts you don’t wear anymore and just follow the YouTube tutorials.

Just remember, no matter what you wear to any fitness class, you are still sexy! (But still just take yo’ azz to Walmart because nobody breaking the bank for spandex and lose t-shirts).

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